Medical Training

Simulation is arguably the most prominent innovation in medical education over the past 15 years.
—Medical Simulation in Medical Education: Results of an AAMC Survey, American Association of Medical Colleges, 2011.

Continuing Medical Education: Syandus collaborates with leading medical societies and organizations to deliver simulation-driven medical education programs to clinicians across a multitude of disease states with comprehensive outcomes reporting.

Medical Schools: Syandus is collaborating with medical schools to supplement their curricula with simulation-based training on differential diagnosis, treatment, and pathophysiology, available 24/7 on tablets and PCs.

If you want to add innovative medical simulations to your program, contact us.

Introducing the Medical Scenario Simulator

Research has shown that medical simulations not only improve retention and performance but also improve health outcomes. Our Medical Scenario Simulator™ enables clinicians to virtually practice clinical decision making in an authentic risk free environment. The Medical Scenario Simulator is an excellent fit in multifaceted, complex clinical areas where linear approaches are less effective.

Raising the Bar in Medical Education

Advanced software, advanced learning frameworks, and advanced state-based engineering together create a new, exciting way for your audiences to learn digitally.
Intuitively, we all know experience-driven learning works. It's the foundation of the apprenticeship model that's existed for thousands of years and a core component of modern learning theory. It's been successfully applied in medical training and military/flight simulators.
Our simulation technology is significantly different than any other simulation tool used in medical education. Unlike other programs that utilize branching pathways, the technology is "state-based." This approach enables the clinician to choose among many options to meet each objective, creating hundreds of "what if" scenarios. The simulation then intelligently responds creating a feedback loop. As they choose and revise their choices, they learn through pattern recognition.

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