18 Nov 2015 | Syandus adds Clinical Decision Analytics to its Clinical Training Platform

Syandus’ interactive platform is designed to capture all the clinical decisions made in each clinical training simulation. For example, one recent simulation captured 58,513 clinical decisions, of which 23,833 decisions were suboptimal and required dynamic mentoring feedback to assist the learner recognize an optimal decision path (there are often more than one). All of the decisions are captured in the proper context within Syandus’ expanding analytics platform. The platform operates on several levels of increasing complexity to draw insights from the captured decision-making, such as identifying trends in specific clinical situations, knowledge gaps, preferences (when more than one optimal path is available), and predicting future needs for clinical training.

01 Sep 2015 | Syandus Introduces a Mobile-friendly Learning Platform for Medical Schools

Syandus developed a modern cloud-based platform to update a customer’s e-learning program for cloud-based delivery to medical schools all over the world. This solution allowed delivery via LTI to a medical institution’s Learning Management System (LMS), content editing for translation into additional languages, and a standardized non-proprietary HTML/CSS/JS framework to add additional modules and courses. Responsive design has been integrated to allow optimal access to the resource on mobile devices.

15 July 2015 | Syandus Develops Patient Coaching Resource in Hemophilia

This interactive resource introduces three guys with hemophilia who are at different points along the journey toward managing this condition on their own. Each of them has his own thoughts, experiences, and personal stories that emerge as they discuss bleeds, prophylaxis, and the challenges that come with self-care. Users guide the conversation with the assistance of a nurse moderator so they may learn from others how to successfully make this important transition. Syandus collaborated with the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences with significant input from real people with hemophilia, and hemophilia care experts.

03 May 2015 | Multiple Myeloma Treatment Simulator Launched with the NCCN

Syandus is pleased to announce the availability of a second oncology simulation with its partner, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). This simulation creates the opportunity for oncologists treat virtual patients with highly realistic presentations of multiple myeloma and associated conditions. Mentor-like feedback is provided throughout the simulation based on the NCCN guidelines and best clinical practice. The simulator captures the nuances experts consider when confronting complex cases, to create contextual responses to each clinical decision made.

16 Apr 2015 | Syandus Adds Assessment technology to Our Patient Coaching Platform

Syandus has recently incorporated assessment technology within their patient coaching/education solution. Adding conversation-based assessments and feedback can provide data on where a patient is on the self-management continuum and facilitate a even more personalized experience.

15 Dec 2014 | Syandus’ Medical Simulation Platform Goes Mobile

Syandus recently completed a major upgrade of its advanced learning software platform to include delivery to mobile devices. Their Medical Scenario Simulator platform is now capable of being delivered to iPads and Android tablet devices. In addition, their patient coaching and education solution can now be delivered to iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Dr. Seifert, Syandus CEO, commented that “bringing virtual clinicians and patients to life in 3D environments is very challenging on mobile devices. Our interactive applications are updating the screen 30 to 60 times a second as our learners interact and make decisions. It took quite a bit of optimization to bring these highly interactive experiences to mobile and we are excited to offer this capability to our healthcare partners.”

19 Nov 2014 | COPD Patient Management Simulation Launched

Syandus partnered with the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower to create a clinical training simulation that enables primary care physicians to improve how they treat patients with COPD through virtual practice. COPD can be difficult to diagnose and treat, particularly in combination with comorbidities. The simulation is designed to facilitate pattern recognition of clinical best practice.

03 Oct 2014 | Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Simulation Launched

Syandus is pleased to announce the launch of its first clinical training program with the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). This program enables clinicians to gain experience through treating complex virtual scenarios in colorectal cancer. In the simulator, clinicians work through the continuum of care approach in a "risk free" virtual environment with increasingly complex clinical presentations – all based on the NCCN guidelines.

10 Sep 2014 | Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Simulator Launched

The treatment of MS is multifaceted and challenging. Syandus is pleased to announce the availability of the MS Treatment Simulator as a continuing medical education resource for healthcare professionals that treat MS. Syandus collaborated with the Consortium of MS Centers to bring this program to the healthcare community.

01 Sep 2014 | Virtual Conversations™ in Multiple Sclerosis Launched

This program was designed with MS clinicians and MS patients to help newly diagnosed MS patients and their caregivers learn how to take control of their therapy and self manage MS. Syandus collaborated with the Consortium of MS Centers to bring this program to the MS patient community.

15 Aug 2014 | ImmuneQuest™ Launched

ImmuneQuest is an innovative educational game for college students that brings immunology to life. Designed to augment an educator’s existing curriculum, ImmuneQuest allows students to build and control a virtual immune system to defend their human host from increasingly cunning microbes. While the characters are game-like, their actions are all immunological, creating a hands-on experience of how these elegant biological systems work together. This work was supported with awards from the National Science Foundation.

30 May 2014 | CMSC National Meeting

The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC), the largest professional society dedicated to multiple sclerosis, hosted its national meeting in Houston, Texas this week. Syandus attended the meeting and demonstrated their clinical and patient tools developed in collaboration with the CMSC.

25 Mar 2014 | Medical Scenario Simulator™ Platform

Syandus has developed a new clinical training platform, the Medical Scenario Simulator™. The platform responds dynamically and intelligently to a users clinical decisions and includes a gamification layer that tracks performance, and comprehensive analytics to measure program outcomes.

15 Oct 2013 | Virtual Conversations™ Patient Platform

Syandus is pleased to announce the development of a patient education and engagement platform called Virtual Conversations™. The platform enables patients to interact and participate in a virtual support group to learn how to self-manage chronic health conditions and improve health outcomes. The platform will include built-in assessments, communication tools, and analytics to enable collaborators to better fulfill the needs of their patient communities.

20 Jun 2013 | iPad and Android Support in Development

Syandus is expanding its simulation platform to mobile devices. The platform will enable Syandus to deliver simulation experiences across all devices to maximize utilization.

10 Jan 2013 | Multiple Sclerosis Simulation Launch

Syandus is proud to announce the launch of the first-of-its-kind Multiple Sclerosis Simulation with the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers.
This resource was developed with leading MS faculty and the CMSC to help improve the diagnosis of MS. Syandus' role was translating the MS diagnostic process into a simulation, delivering the resource to all users, and providing analytics on its uptake, utilization, and learning assessment.

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01 Jun 2012 | Featured in "Gamification Grows Up"

"To examine the evolution of gaming in the healthcare space—what companies are doing now, where things are going, and why—Pharm Exec spoke with three gaming agency CEOs..."
An interview with Dr. Douglas Seifert, Syandus' CEO was featured in "Gamification Grows Up" by Ben Comer. Dr Seifert discussed how Syandus' platform leverages game technology and gamification mechanics to create learning simulations for healthcare professionals.

Excerpt from article.

"Seifert's philosophy on learning, which is the catalyst for behavior change, is based on the idea that 'human beings are pattern recognition machines,' he says. 'We learn by recognizing those patterns and new experiences, and they can be virtual experiences or not. We link those patterns to our existing patterns, and that's how we learn. ...Learning by doing results in higher retention rates, because you're placed in a situation where you need to make choices to achieve a specific outcome, whether those choices are in a virtual environment or a real environment, and then you learn what patterns lead to the desired outcome. This is powerful, and it works whether you're a physician trying to do a differential diagnosis and come up with the appropriate treatment plan for a specific patient history, or if you're trying to do an analysis of the patient situation. The same holds true if it's the patient trying to improve her health. I think that's the value and attraction of this learning tool.'"

Original Article

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08 May 2012 | Featured in Med City News

"Douglas Seifert, the CEO of Syandus, told MedCity News in a phone interview that the patient education simulation programs are intended to improve the way healthcare professionals communicate to their patients what's happening in their health and why they are pursuing a particular course of treatment..."
Excerpt from article entitled: "Physician education software expanding to patients, med students"

"Ten years after a former Merck vaccine developer launched an immersive learning software company using gaming technology for physicians in peer-to-peer settings and life science companies, it is expanding its interactive programs to patients through managed care companies. It is a company that believes its time has finally come as the healthcare industry finally enters the digital age..."

Original Article

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30 Apr 2012 | Game Technology in Healthcare

Syandus was invited to demonstrate how game technology can be utilized in healthcare at the Pioneers in Health Digital Forum in NYC. "Gamification" can mean the application of simplistic constructs...
"Gamification" can mean the application of simplistic constructs used in games, to sophisticated game mechanics that increase immersion and learning potential. In the presentation, Syandus presented examples of simple engagement techniques that have been borrowed from games, and then dove into examples of game mechanics that can lead to higher retention and learning.

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10 Nov 2011 | Selected as Top Venture to Watch

Syandus is honored to be selected as one of the three top ventures to watch by MedAdNews.
Article Excerpts:

"We sought out young companies, spin-offs, offerings, and ventures to profile that are providing the most innovative and interesting products, services, or marketing opportunities to pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare community. After reviewing dozens of nominations, many of which were provided by our own readers, we narrowed the list to just three."

"Rather than watching a video or a slide presentation, doctors can actually interact with 3D virtual patients, and dive into an organ system to observe the impact of disease as if they were inside real live humans"

"These intelligent Simulations, adapted for the needs of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, are able to respond to users in real time based on the embedded intelligence of clinical guidelines, best practices, and thought leader input."

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15 Mar 2011 | National Science Foundation Award

Syandus is pleased to announce a $500,000 SBIR Phase 2 Award from the National Science Foundation. This project will build a virtual immune system simulation to help students and life science professionals grasp the complexity and elegance of immune function.
The Immunobiology Simulator facilitates comprehensive understanding of the immune system through direct experience of the interactions between its essential parts. This systems approach is a forward-thinking one that when combined with technology creates a new way to experience and learn immunology. Our systems approach can also be applied to virtually any complex scientific topic using the same Syandus platform and expertise, allowing us to expand the business and impact other areas in life science education.

NSF Website

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