Virtual Conversations™ Platform

Patients want immediate help when newly diagnosed. It's a critical time for personalized coaching, when setting them on the right path to self-management can reduce healthcare costs and improve satisfaction for both patients and physicians.

Virtual Conversations utilizes sophisticated, responsive technology to help patients, through exploration and discovery. Friendly, virtual peers discuss disease conditions, treatment plans, psychological issues, and other care topics in an interactive environment, moderated by a virtual clinician. Patients choose the conversational path based on their concerns and needs. Their virtual companions respond by sharing their own experiences, and viewpoints, along with additional curated information.

Benefits to ACOs and Value-Based Care

  • Patients: Receive immediate support, at home, leading to improved self-management.
  • Physicians: Benefit from more knowledgeable patients and better dialogs.
  • Analytics: Measure patient responses and requests for more support.
  • IT: Integrates with existing systems and connects patients to other initiatives.
  • Outcomes: Reduced readmissions and costs. Improved patient satisfaction scores.

Why it works: We learn through shared experience. The interactive virtual conversation exposes the learner to knowledge, alternative viewpoints, and curated next steps to better self-manage, and interact with their doctor. The design is based on behavioral science, clinical coaching, support group advocacy, and modern experiential learning methodologies.

Feedback from Patients and Clinicians

“Awesome! Informative, conversational. Not boring.” –Patient

“Love the characters! A great way to learn about MS.” –Patient

“These patient conversations are just like what goes on in my office every day.” –MS Nurse Practitioner

Getting Started: Syandus provides Virtual Conversations modules for any health condition. Contact us to bring this innovation to your healthcare organization or partner with us.

Market: Incorporate into population health management and patient engagement solutions used within ACOs and other value-based healthcare organizations.

What it does: Syandus’ solution drives patient self-management to improve health outcomes.

Premise: Patient coaching by trained clinicians is the most effective intervention to improve self-management and outcomes. Its use is constrained by time and economics. Call-centers with nurses/coaches are effective if trained in a disease state, but are resource intensive.

Our Solution: We capture the essence of these best-practice patient coaching encounters in highly interactive, approachable software. Through scalable distribution, more patients and caregivers overcome self-management barriers, and better interact with their doctors.

Application: Any condition where self-management is critical to better health outcomes. Members/patients gain access from links within EHRs, patient engagement platforms, and patient portals. Self-contained, with cloud-based analytics that can integrate with patient data.


  • Start a patient's journey on the right path – personalized, patient-centered
  • Entree to connect patient to additional resources – call centers, digital engagement
  • Measure – built-in assessments of patient progress on self-management continuum


  • Conversational: stories, experience and viewpoints shared via voice rather than text
  • Translation-friendly design
  • Friendly, empathic virtual patients respond to a user, rather than having a lecture delivered by a clinician
  • Highly Interactive: patient/caregiver decides where the conversation goes and when to go deeper
  • Ability to request more information via email and connect to other resources

✓ Designed to integrate into larger platforms. ✓ Easy to use, personalized experience

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